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加强城市安全与保障 全球人类住区报告2007 (GRHS 2007)


《加强城市安全与保障 全球人类住区报告2007》分析了对城市安全和保障造成威胁的三个主要问题,分别是:城市犯罪与暴力,房屋/土地保有权缺乏保障和强制驱逐,以及自然和人为灾害。报告分析了世界范围内这些问题存在的条件和发展趋势,着力强调了它们的潜在成因及影响,并列举了在城市、国家和全球层面行之有效的政策和措施。报告从人类安全的角度出发,关注人类的安全与保障问题而非国家安全问题,而且这些问题可以通过有效的城市政策、规划、设计及治理措施得到解决。

UN-Habitat goes live with global website in Spanish and Chinese

Nairobi, 29 October 2015: As part of its advocacy, outreach and communications strategy started in 2012, UN-Habitat today launched its global website in Spanish, and in Chinese, Alongside the launch, UN-Habitat also introduced two new social media channels on Twitter and Facebook reporting globally on UN-Habitat’s agenda and activities in the Spanish language.



UN to promote more accessible and inclusive cities for persons with disabilities

Nairobi 28 October 2015-- A global United Nations meeting bringing together more than 60 urban planning and disability experts opens today at the UN Office in Nairobi. Over the next three days, the experts will discuss solutions to make urban development inclusive of and accessible to the world’s one billion persons with disabilities, many of whom live in cities.


The World Bank Group and UN-Habitat re-affirm their commitment to sustainable urban development

Lima, Peru, October 12, 2015 – On the occasion of the “What Makes a Sustainable City?” event held on Saturday, 10th October, 2015, during the World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings in Lima, Peru, the World Bank Group and UN-Habitat committed to their shared vision of sustainable urban development, and called upon national governments, local authorities, and stakeholders to be involved in the move to a New Urban Agenda that prioritizes ending poverty, sharing prosperity, and propelling environmental sustainability.



Calls for sustainable urbanisation as the globe celebrates World Habitat Day

New York/New Delhi/Nairobi 6 October 2015—World Habitat Day was marked on Monday with calls for sustainable urbanisation across the globe.

In a message during a World Habitat Day High Level Discussion on ‘Public Spaces for All’ In New York, United Nations Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon said the recent adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) reflected an international consensus that sustainable urbanization could play a transformational role.



UN-Habitat promotes sustainable urban planning and development in Myanmar

Yangon, 24 June 2015 - UN-Habitat recently hosted a two-week mission of international experts to deliver urban planning training and undertake socioeconomic analysis of major Myanmar cities. The mission included staff from UN-Habitat headquarters and seven visiting experts from ARCADIS, a design and consulting firm, with which the agency has a shelter partnership programme.