The challenge

Improving municipal finance is a first step to achieve sustainable development. Over the past few decades, countries have increasingly decentralized their political systems and devolved responsibilities for public service provision to subnational governments. Increased mandates of subnational governments are however, not always matched by adequate increases in financial resources from the central government to lower levels of governments. 


Since 2013, a total of
local authorities have been provided with technical assistance for improving their revenue generating capacity.
Municipal authorities have developed strategies for improving their revenue generation and management capacity.

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The success of Municipal Finance programme is dependent on fostering strong partnerships and bringing together a variety of actors around the common goal of improving the financial capacity of local authorities. Each partner has its own competitive advantage and so UN-Habitat tries to complement its project work with the specific partners best positioned to support the intervention. As such UN-Habitat attempts to foster a constant knowledge exchange on issues of Municipal finance with leading academics and practitioners and engage in joint projects wherever possible.

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