The United Nations Human Settlement (UN-Habitat) recently established its Country Programme in the Kingdom of Bahrain, responding to challenges faced by rapid urbanization. UN-Habitat Bahrain is working effectively with partners, local government, and community members to implement programs and interventions that contribute to achieving the goals of Goal 11 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - making cities inclusive and safe, resilient, and sustainable.

Country: Overview

Population (2021)
1.748 million

Country: Overview

Total value of projects
US$ 1,937,500

Country: Overview

No. of projects (2022 - )
Total: 5

Country Beneficiaries

Dr. Riyadh AlMarzooq giving speech during the Inclusive Public Spaces for All event

“We are fortunate that the laws in Bahrain protect persons with disabilities and provide adequate care; an area of improvement lies in applying the preexisting laws into action. For the needs of those with disabilities to be met in Bahrain, it would require a collaborative effort between persons with disabilities, various stakeholders, the larger community, the government, and the private sector. The solution lies in the efforts of everyone in a society coming together, for an initiative cannot come to fruition without the aid of everyone in the community; solutions need collective action.”

Dr. Riyadh ALMarzooq, Chairman of the Bahraini Catalyst for Disabilities Association


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Dr. Fernanda Lonardoni
Head of Country Programme
UN-Habitat Bahrain
United Nations House Bldg. 69 Road 1901 Hoora 319 Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain P. O. Box 26004