Habitat UNI is the partnership between UN-Habitat and institutions of higher education, closing the gap between academia, urban practitioners, cities and governments. The network’s eight thematic hubs - consortiums of universities working on the same thematic priority - work under the principle of mutual collaboration to exchange, learn and produce outputs that strengthen the role of universities in forwarding sustainable urban development.

Dr. Sahar Attia, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Habitat UNI chairperson

"Habitat UNI is the medium of change of ideas and expertise, being a member in UNI we had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with global academics and researchers within a multidisciplinary platform for sustainable cities."

Dr. Sahar Attia, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Habitat UNI chairperson

individual members from research institutions around the world
partner institutions contributing to knowledge sharing on sustainable urbanisation
The Habitat UNI online platform facilitates knowledge exchange and provides tools for collaboration

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Leaving no one and no place behind

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Through the promotion of collaboration between academia and practitioners on topics such as informal urbanism, safer cities and urban accessibility, Habitat UNI actively works towards a world in which everyone can benefit from the advantages of sustainable urbanisation.

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Habitat UNI’s dedicated Gender hub documents, sets and promotes a global agenda on gender equality and women’s rights to the city.

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Donors and partners

The heart of the Habitat UNI network is its members from all around the world. These UN-Habitat´s academic agenda partners are unique not only in their positioning within cities but also concerning their focus on the built environment, having the definite aim of translating abstract concepts into physical realities.

Our Experts

Claudio Acioly Jr.
Head Capacity Development Unit, Research and Capacity Building Branch, UN-Habitat
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