Why Urban Maestro?

The quality of urban environments derives from various projects, interventions, and policy decisions over time. They are the collective work of multiple stakeholders – public, private, and community – but are not always of a quality that we would aspire to see.

Urban Maestro examines how the soft (non-regulatory) powers of the state can shape the decisions that help to deliver better-designed places. These approaches often combine different, informal tools in order to guide, encourage, and enable better design.

European countries and cities apply these informal tools often in innovative ways; therefore, Urban Maestro aims to capture how these tools are put into practice, with what purpose, and what impact they have on real-life solutions.

Related Sustainable Development Goals

Related Sustainable Development Goals

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Donors and partners

The project is conducted by a coalition of partners that combines the convening power of the United Nations, the academic leadership of the University College London and the practical experience and network of Brussels Chief Architect.  It benefits from the European Commission support and is further amplified by the Joint Programming Initiative JPI Urban Europe.

Our Experts

Frédéric Saliez
Office for Europe and European Institutions