The challenge

Persons with disabilities are disproportionately represented in the poorest quintile of the population and face additional challenges due to discriminatory laws and policies, environmental barriers, and lack of support services that would enable the enjoyment of their rights.

Highlighted Publications

Toolkits, Manuals and Guides
Streets for Walking & Cycling: Designing for safety, accessibility and Comfort in African Cities
Toolkits, Manuals and Guides
Accessibility of Housing. A Handbook of Inclusive Affordable Housing Solutions for Persons with Disabilities and Older Persons
Activities Report
Cities for All: Ageing and Inclusion
Toolkits, Manuals and Guides
SDG Project Assessment Tool – Volume 1: General Framework
Toolkits, Manuals and Guides
Improving of the Quality of Elderly and Disabled People in Human Settlements, Vol. I and II
Technical Report
The Right to Adequate Housing for Persons With Disabilities Living in Cities

Donors and partners

UN-Habitat has been able to put up the first wheelchair accessible matatu in Nairobi with the help of the Belgium embassy in Kenya.

Our Experts

Angela Mwai
Chief, Human Rights and Social Inclusion Unit
Urban Practices Branch, Global Solutions Division