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  • Sahar Attia
    Sahar Attia

    Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Habitat UNI co-chair

    Habitat UNI is a medium for exchange of ideas and expertise. Being a member of UNI is an opportunity to meet and collaborate with academics and researchers globally within the multidisciplinary field of sustainable cities.
  • Bruce Stiftel, FAICP
    Bruce Stiftel, FAICP

    Professor Emeritus of City and Regional Planning, Habitat UNI co-chair

    Habitat UNI is a key connection between UN-Habitat’s staff and leadership, and tertiary education staff across the globe. Membership positions scholars to get the latest information about Habitat’s current policies and programs and opens pathways for influencing future policies through research and consultation. UNI membership is essential to currency in education and research for sustainable development.
  • Alison Brown
    Alison Brown

    Professor of Urban Planning & International Development

    Habitat UNI is a global platform for debate on cutting edge research and practice, enabling leading academics and UN-Habitat to generate new knowledge that reduces spatial inequalities and promotes economic inclusion, climate action and effective crisis response, in order to foster sustainable urbanisation


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Global Urban Lectures

UN-Habitat's Global Urban Lectures are a free resource of bite-sized video lectures on themes related to sustainable urbanization open to use for academic, professional or personal purposes

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