UN-Habitat's Global Urban Lectures are a free resource of video lectures open to use for academic, professional or personal purposes.

In April 2014 UN-Habitat launched the Global Urban Lectures – lecture packages focused on subjects related to cities and urbanization. Each package consists of a 15 min video, a synopsis of the topic, a biography of the speaker and links to in depth study. The speakers are associated with UN-Habitat’s work, recruited from universities, think-tanks, governments, NGO’s, and private sector institutions. The series wishes to demonstrate a sound evidence-based analysis of a given problem and issues at stake, identify propositions to address them and provide examples that demonstrate how such propositions actually work, are being tested or have been implemented. The views expressed are the ones of the lecturers themselves and do not necessarily represent the views of UN-Habitat. All lecture packages are available free of charge.

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Latest season trailer

Latest season trailer

The Global Urban Lectures continuously launches new materials.

There are various ways you can use the series in your work or studies. Moreover, the lectures in the series can be used either separately as stand-alone sessions, or as a group of thematic sessions to meet the needs of different users and purposes.

Examples of how to use the series:

  1. For self-learning and as a refresher course.
  2. As addition to existing curricula and regular courses offered by universities and training institutions (eg. using the videos as ‘guest lecturers’ or teasers in the syllabus of regular courses)
  3. As resource materials for new curricula and course development.
  4. To screen in public events as introduction to debates on subjects relevant to cities and urban development

The lectures target a wide and global audience comprised of universities, urban practitioners, researchers and policy makers, as well as the general public interested in cities and sustainable urbanization.

We welcome you to use this series in your work.