UN-Habitat has worked since 2018 with the Plurinational State of Bolivia, and the support of the Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation, in the development of a national urban policy, called Cities Policy.

This State policy becomes the strategic instrument to guide urban development in Bolivia. It identifies and proposes policy action to address the great challenges and take advantage of the opportunities posed by the urbanization process with the aspiration of contributing to the diversification of the economic model, deepening the reduction inequalities and ensure sustainability.

The Cities Policy was presented on October 7th, 2020 and has now entered its implementation stage at the nationwide, with a particular focus at city level, and the participation of wide scope of urban stakeholders, including civil society, the academia and the private sector.

Urban numbers

67.5 per cent of the population lives in cities and it is estimated for the year 2030, this figure will reach 80 per cent.

Bolivia has an average annual inter-urban growth of 5.4 per cent, greater than the population growth of 2.2 per cent.

The urban population annual growth rate is 1.99%

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Sergio Blanco Ania
UN-Habitat Bolivia