3rd ACCP Assembly – Sharing Experiences towards Future Actions- 25-29 July


Day 1: Opening and Outcomes of the Past 3 Years

12:00 - 13:10
High Level Opening and Keynote Lecture: ACCP and Global Trend of Waste Management Watch: English
Prof. Yukari Takamura, Tokyo University
Keynote Lecture: Global trend around waste management: Implications from COP 26 @ Glasgow and Beyond
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13:25 - 15:00
Session 1: Progress and Achievement against Yokohama Action Guidance Watch: English
Ms. Nao Takeuchi, ACCP Secretariat
Progress and Achievement of ACCP Activities 2020-2022
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Ms. Nao Takeuchi, ACCP Secretariat
Most updated Tunis Action Guidance
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Day 2: Progress towards achieving waste SDGS in Africa

12:00 - 13:35
Session 2: ACCP’s Approach towards the Common Challenges in SWM in Africa Watch: English
Mr. Hamadi Kessibi Director of Property Department, Sousse Municipality, Tunisia
De l’application de l’outil Waste Wise Cities (WaCT ) à la planification de la gestion des déchets à Sousse
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Mr. Takele Desisa Busha, Director of Research & Consulting Service, SWMA, Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa’s MWM achievements in Awareness Raising Activities and WaCT Survey Result
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Dr. Mitsuo Yoshida, JICA
Progress and Challenges of the African Clean City Platform 2017-2022
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Mr. Hisashi Yamauchi, Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd
Common Challenges in SWM in Africa learned from survey by JICA
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Dr. Godfrey Nato, Minister of Environment, Mombasa County
From SDG indicator 11.6.1 to Tangible Actions
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13:50 - 15:00
Session 3: From Open Dumping towards Controlled Disposal Watch: English
Dr. Yasushi Matsufuji, Professor Emeritus, Fukuoka University
Toward Appropriate Technology Transfer of the “Fukuoka Method
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Dr. Paulo Queiroz Sousa, EX Research Institute Ltd
The Fukuoka Method in action at the Hulene Landfill , Mozambique
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Mr. Katsuya Noda, Fukuoka City, Director of International Affairs Department
Fukuoka City's Experience of the Fukuoka Method
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Day 3: Knowledge Hub and Awareness Raising

12:00 - 13:35
Session 4: Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Development Watch: English | French
Mr. Hamadi Gharbi, Deputy Director of Training and Capacity Building in CITET
Programme triennal de renforcement des capacités dans le domaine de gestion des déchets dans les villes africaines 2022 2024
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Mr. Takanori Kimura, City of Yokohama
Promoting the 3Rs with residents
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Ms. Kruti Munot, Covenant of Mayors of Sub-Saharan Africa, GIZ
Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa
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Ms. Heidi Solba, President & Head of Global Network, Let’s Do It World
Let’s Do It World/World Cleanup Day
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13:50 - 15:00
Session 5: Panel Discussion: Where are the knowledge capacity gaps? Watch: English | French
Mr. Donald Sakupwanya, City of Harare, Zimbabwe
Mr. Kuno Kübler, Senior Environmental Engineer, Munich City, Germany
Mr. François Venance Alwende, City of Bukavu, DRC
Mr. Paulin Buregeya, CEO, COPED (Compagnie pour l’Environnement et Développement au Rwanda)

Day 4: Innovation towards Clean and Circular Africa

12:00 - 13:45
Session 6: Innovative Solutions for Cleaner and Circular Africa Watch: English | French
Mr. Daniel Paffenholz, CEO, Taka Taka Solutions
Developing waste collection and recovery system in East Africa
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Mr. Efratus Adane, President, AndE Mamma
Social inclusion and gender empowerment through plastic recycling
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Dr. Masahito Yoshimura, DOWA ECO-SYSTEM Co., Ltd
Recycling and Waste Management business in Japan and Southeast Asia
Mr. Victor Boyle-Komolafe, Founder, GIVO
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Mr. Paulin Buregeya, CEO, COPED (Compagnie pour l’Environnement et Développement au Rwanda)
How Kigali developed SWM system
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Mr. Tatsuro Maruhashi, JFE Engineering Corporation
Decarbonization through our Waste-to-resource solutions
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14:00 - 15:00
Session 7: Panel Discussion – Towards the future clean cities: what solutions are needed? Watch: English | French

Day 5: Towards Future Tangible Impacts

12:00 - 13:00
Closed Session: Final Feedback and Finalization of the Tunis Action Guidance
13:15 - 15:00
Session 8: Introduction of ACCP Associate Members and roundtable Watch: English | French
Ms. Caroline Ogutu, Head of the EIB Global Hub, Nairobi, European Investment Bank
EIB-COPIP Programme and Importance of Evidence-based SWM in Africa: Project development process
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Mr. Hitoshi Yoshizaka, Social Infrastructure Finance Department, JBIC
JBIC’s SWM projects and areas of focus for the investments in cities in Africa
Mr. Philippe Montagne Project Director EMEA, Alliance to End Plastic Waste
Alliance to End Plastic Waste’s project and areas of focus for the investment in cities in Africa to end plastic waste
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14:55 - 15:00
CLOSING session Watch: English | French
Mr. Hiroshi Ono, Vice-Minister for Global Environmental Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, Japan
Closing remark

Speakers – Opening Sessions

3rd ACCP Assembly Business Networking

Outcome Document

The Assembly will end with the endorsement of outcome document by all the participating ACCP members, which guide the activities of ACCP until the next TICAD year. The outcome document of third Assembly “Tunis Declaration” is named in honor of the host city Tunis. 


Call for Action 2022 - 2023

DIY SDG 11.6.1 Baseline Survey using WaCT with technical support

SDG indicator 11.6.1 survey using UN-Habitat’s Waste Wise Cities Tool will provide comprehensive snapshot of current status of municipal solid waste management system with essential datasets, with in-depth analysis in policy intervention and infrastructure gaps. ACCP Secretariat is calling for Expression of Interest for ACCP members to be selected as a city to apply WaCT with trainings and technical support.

Sign-up for World Clean-Up Day with Let’s Do It World

17 September 2022 is World Cleanup Day! UN-Habitat is supporting Let’s Do It World’s global movement for the clean-up campaign. Get involved and be the part of the solution from here.