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Basics of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Africa

Target: Officials in national and local governments engaged in waste management in Africa.

Content: Clear explanations of basic information on urban waste management.

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Africa Solid Waste Management Data Book 2019

Target: Development organizations that are considering support and private businesses that plan to expand their business, in the waste sector in Africa.

Content: Report that analyses and summarizes the waste management situation in the member countries and cities of ACCP with the data provided by focal points.。

ACCP Educational

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Guidebook for Environmental Education on Solid Waste Management in Africa

Target: Whoever is engaging environmental education programs befitted to local circumstances in African countries and cities.

Content: Overview of waste issues and management in Africa, environmental education basics and local cases implemented by Japanese municipalities and JICA’s Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCVs) working in Africa, aiming to provide readers a clear image for planning and implementing programs for environmental education.