Waste Wise Cities & African Clean Cities Platform Newsletter Volume 17 – March 2023

Informal waste and recycling operators are major contributors to the waste value chain and pose an important form of livelihood. In this edition, you can find different case studies and recovery chain actors’ stories, as well as the latest updates of our waste management initiatives, including the International day of Zero Waste!

Waste Wise Cities & African Clean Cities Platform Newsletter Volume 16 - December 2022

The massive consumption of a wide range of plastic products has generated a huge amount of plastic waste and its management has been a challenge to many countries. This newsletter discusses the challenge and opportunities of plastic waste and provides a case study of plastic waste management by a recycling tech company based in Nigeria. Furthermore, you can find a lot of updates on WWC and ACCP activities, such as the Third ACCP Assembly, World Clean-up Day, and so forth.  

Waste Wise Cities & African Clean Cities Platform Newsletter 15 - July 2022

Open waste burning is one of the major contributors of Green House Gasses (GHGs). The 15th edition of our newsletter explores the challenges and opportunities of waste burning bringing some case studies. In addition, you can find our new Affiliates and many updates on waste webinars and other events including the third Assembly of the African Clean Cities Platform.

Newsletter 11: E-waste – June, 2021

This edition focuses on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) or e- waste. You will find articles about the UN E-waste Coalition, e-waste and COVID-19, children and digital dumpsite and much more!


Newsletter 10: Materials Recovery Facilities – April, 2021

This edition focuses on waste segregation and material recovery facilities. You will have the chance to learn about Solid Waste Materials Recovery Facilities in Southern Africa, Egypt and Latin America; get to know our Affiliates, and much more!


Newsletter 9: Organic waste – February 2021

This edition focuses on organic waste management. You will find articles about several composting techniques, such as anaerobic digestion and black soldier fly larvae composting, case studies from cities in Kenya and India, and much more!

Newsletter Archive

Newsletter Volume 4, August 2019

Special Issue: ACCP Study Tour on Landfill Management in Ethiopia


Newsletter Volume 3, March 2019

TICAD Ministerial Meeting Side Event on ACCP


Newsletter Volume 2, November 2018

ACCP's first annual meeting held in Rabat


Newsletter Volume 1, June 2018

Special Topic:Reflecting on the Training Program in Yokohama for the African Clean Cities Platform (January 30 - February 23, 2018)