Since 2015 UN-Habitat provides technical assistance to the national and local government of Sao Tome and Principe on Policies, Plans and Strategies related to Housing, Sustainable Urban Development, Slum Upgrading and Urban Resilience for climate change.

More specifically, UN-Habitat works to promote the urban resilience, improve of informal settlements and promote of a more equitable urban development, through the development of infrastructure and basic urban services. UN-Habitat also works to transform Sao Tome and Principe cities into climate resilient and inclusive urban centres.


Following the global trend of growth, the urban population rate in Sao Tome and Principe is now 72.8%, 1 quarter of the inhabitants, approximately 56 thousand inhabitants, are living in Sao Tome, the capital of the country. In Island of Principe has an area of 142 km2 and a young population of approximately 8,400 inhabitants.

According to INE - National Institute of Statistics, 94% of the population has access to drinking water and 42% have access to basic sanitation. It is also noted that 60% of this population has access to the electricity grid.

Country Beneficiaries

Donors and partners

The success of UN-Habitat’s work in Sao Tome and Principe is dependent on a number of successful partnerships. Through the programme, UN-Habitat identifies and mobilizes diverse international and local partners who can contribute to several initiatives promoted by the Agency in the country.


Here be Dragons


Cesaltino Fernandes
National Technical Advisor
ROAf – Regional Office for Africa/ Sao Tome Country Office