The country programme of cooperation between UN-Habitat and the Republic of Congo is based on the major challenges and objectives of sustainable development, the guidelines adopted under the New Cities Programme (NPVJ) and the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

Cooperation contribute to the achievement of objectives 7 and 11 of the MDGs of Agenda 2030 on sustainable development and shall enable the Republic of Congo to improve the UN-Habitat & Republic of Congo Memorandum of Understanding the organization, the application and the stake in work of art of its policy sectoral, and of the framework legal and normative of production of habitat and of construction.

The Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme was implemented with a focus on the development and adoption of inclusive policies and strategies for slum upgrading in line with the PSUP principles and contributing to the achievement of MDG targets 7 c and d. The Programme aimed at strengthening community, city and national key stakeholders’ capacities in participatory slum upgrading in the Republic of Congo, particularly in the selected cities of Pointe Noire thus adding value to the development of policy, institutional, legislative, and financial frameworks.

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