We work to ensure that young women and men have a voice in local government, access to livelihoods and can enjoy their rights in cities. Youth empowerment is mainstreamed across all programmatic work of UN-Habitat. All programmes, country-level work and topics engage with youth. The primary aim of mainstreaming is to provide support and technical guidance to project managers.

The Challenge

Young women and men are flocking to cities more than ever before. It is expected that by 2030 more than 50% of urban populations will be under 35. Despite this, young people have little voice in decision-making and face major obstacles to education, employment and safety.


youths in seven countries had their capacities on employment and improved livelihoods enhanced through programmes such as the One Stop Youth Resource Centers.
The Urban Youth Fund has supported
Youth-led projects in 172 cities and 63 countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean, providing vocational training and credit mechanisms for entrepreneurship and employment.

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Donors and partners

UN-Habitat advocates for ‘youth-led development’ based on the knowledge that youth are powerful agents of change and must be leaders in development processes. As such, UN-Habitat works closely with young men and women at the country level, whilst providing platforms for youth to engage with national government and the international urban agenda.

UN-Habitat works closely with young men and women across the globe to improve lives in cities. UN-Habitat partners with young people, youth-led organization, civil society and the UN family to ensure a consistent approach to development. UN-Habitat is a key member of the UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth, and Chaired the group in 2018.

Our Experts

Douglas Ragan
Programme Management Officer Specialist, Children and Youth, Human Rights and Social Inclusion Unit
Urban Practices Branch, Global Solutions Division