The challenge

  • 90 per cent of landholdings in developing countries are not documented, administered or protected.
  • Urbanization is increasing pressure on land, with people living in cities expected to grow by 175 per cent by 2030.
  • Land administration practices do not cater for the complexity of land issues with overlapping rights and claims.
  • Women and the youth continue to have limited access to and control over land
  • 70 per cent more agricultural land is needed to increase in food production by 2050.


Security of tenure has been improved for more than
households in Uganda, Zambia and the Philippines through the Global Land Tool Network with 2,611 occupancy certificates issued to beneficiaries in Uganda and Zambia
To-date, the GLTN programme has benefitted more than
households in Uganda, Zambia, Nepal, Democratic Republic of The Congo, Kenya, Philippines, Namibia and Iraq.

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