The challenge

Cities of today are traffic-choked, road crashes kill a total of 3,287 people a day, and transport-related emissions are on the rise. The world needs to move towards safe, affordable, accessible, integrated and sustainable transport systems while unleashing the potential of emerging technologies to bring down congestion, air pollution and the incidence of road traffic accidents.

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Donors and partners

Addressing the mobility challenge requires strategic planning and coordination from national and local governments. Working towards accessibility, UN-Habitat offers a comprehensive package of knowledge, advocacy, and technical assistance based on international best practices to support governments in the development and implementation of sustainable urban mobility plans and investment strategies. UN-Habitat, in collaboration with partners, promotes broad consultation processes of stakeholders to develop mobility strategies that are adapted to local needs and particularities, with a focus on groups in vulnerable situations.

Our Experts

Debashish Bhattacharjee
Urban Mobility Specialist, Urban Basic Services Section
Urban Practices Branch, Global Solutions Division