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UN-Habitat’s Role in Joint Programming for the Delivery of MDGs in Latin America and the Caribbean 2/2014

The final evaluation of UN-Habitat’s role in the Millenium Development Goal Achievement Fund (MDG-F) joint programme for Latin America and the Caribbean was conducted between November 2013 and March 2014 by two independent consultants. The ex-post evaluation was expected to provide UN-Habitat management, entities responsible for project development and implementation in UN-Habitat Regional Offices and at headquarters, governing bodies, donors and key stakeholders with a forward-looking objective assessment of the value-added, achievements, lessons, challenges and opportunities resulting from UN-Habitat’s participation in joint programming. In addition, consideration was given UN-Habitat’s adherence to the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and One UN Approach in attaining development results and supporting the achievement of MDG targets.

Evaluation of Joint Prg Delivery of MDGs in LAC Mgt Response (PDF)