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2020 Catalogue of Services

The 2020 Catalogue of Services provides an overview of some of the tried and tested services UN-Habitat offers to support national governments, local governments, and stakeholders. This Catalogue provides a sampling of how UN-Habitat can support these partners to solve challenges and to advance sustainable urban development, though it does not capture all of UN-Habitat’s services, expertise, and tools.

UN-Habitat receives requests for assistance to address particular challenges faced by cities, regions and countries; therefore, this resource is divided into sub-sections to allow readers to quickly locate services that are most relevant for their context and priorities. Each service is tagged to clarify: which SDGs it supports; which outcome area of UN-Habitat’s Strategic Plan it supports; if it is highly relevant to COVID-19 recovery; and, finally, if it includes a capacity-building component. For clarity, the services are divided into the following sections:

    A. Urban data, profiling, and monitoring

    B. Participatory processes

    C. Policy, legislation, and governance

    D. Planning and design

    E. Land, housing, and shelter

    F. Basic services and infrastructure

    G. Economy and finance

    H. Cities and climate change

    I. Capacity-building

The Catalogue also presents how UN-Habitat’s five Flagship Programmes bring together and integrate a variety of these services, tools, and expertise to address different challenges holistically. These Flagships are:

    1. Inclusive, vibrant neighbourhoods and communities

    2. People-focused smart cities

    3. Resilient settlements for the urban poor – RISE UP

    4. Enhancing the positive impact of urban migration

    5. SDG cities

UN-Habitat is here to support a better, sustainable urban future that leaves no one and no place behind. Thank you for your interest in this work; we hope this Catalogue clarifies some of the ways that we can provide this support. Please do not hesitate to reach out to UN-Habitat for further information about any of these services and to discuss how UN-Habitat can tailor a solution to your specific challenges, needs, timeline and goals.