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We work closely with local governments and their networks across the world in the local implementation of the global development agendas.


More than
local authorities implemented effective urban safety programmes incorporating crime prevention strategies that improve urban safety.

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UN-Habitat is the focal point for local governments within the UN System. As many UN agencies have started to work closely with cities, UN-Habitat supports agencies to work more effectively and intensively with local governments and their networks, such as national associations of local governments. In this sense, UN-Habitat is part of the Local 2030 initiative of the Executive Office of the Secretary General to bring the SDGs at local level. We also are founding members of the platform Localizing the SDGs ( that collects experiences about how cities and their partners are implementing Agenda 2030 at local level. In this we work closely with UNDP and the UN Capital Development Fund. An existing collaboration around issues regarding transparency and open local government is on-going with UNOCD to create awareness about the role of cities to prevent and fight corruption in urban management and finance.

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Diana A. Lopez Caramazana
Partnerships and Local Governments Unit
External Relations and Partnerships Branch, External Relations, Strategy, Knowledge and Innovation Division

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