URBAN PLANNING IN KENYA: A Survey of Urban Planning Practices in the counties


In 2018,an estimated 27 percent (13 million) of Kenya’s population lived in cities and towns, of varied sizes, across the country. Towards the year 2050, this share will approach 50 percent of the total country population, which will be an equivalent of 44 million people. Kenya is thus undergoing an urban transition, which will induce structural transformations in social, economic and spatial development aspects. To effectively and efficiently manage this transition, the country must develop the requisite urban planning and management capacities, both at the national and county levels.

Rapid Planning Studio Workshop Boosts Local Planning Capacity in Turkana

Eldoret, 04 October 2016 – UN-Habitat organized a two day workshop on urban planning for technical officers from different Ministries and line departments of County Government of Turkana. The workshop took place in Eldoret Town and contributed to strengthening the technical capacity of county government officers from different sectors.


International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning discussed at ISOCARP Congress

Durban, 28 September 2016 - Planners from around the world engaged in discussing the application of the International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning Guidelines; a new tool being developed to provide a global reference framework for improving global policies, plans, designs and implementation processes.


Kalobeyei Photobook

This book illustrates a settled community of Turkana people, already at the 3rd or 4th generation of lifestyle shift. Through a workshop with Turkana Youth, UN-Habitat has conducted a two folded exercise: on one hand a youth group was led to discover elements of being settled as a community, through exploring typologies of living space and livelihood, elements of sustainability and self-reliance but on the other hand, the workshop provided valuable skill training in the art of photography.


UN-Habitat and stakeholders conduct site visit for data validation on refugee site

Kaloyebei, 06 September 2016— A delegation from the Turkana County’s Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, comprising of senior planners, cartographers and surveyors, joined the UN-Habitat researchers in Kalobeyei to jointly confirm the agreed boundary and provide input to the process of development of refugee settlement.


TICAD side event stresses integration

Nairobi, 27 August 2016—A side event at the ongoing TICAD VI meeting saw the importance of integration getting top priority. Officials from Japan’s Ministry of Infrastructure, Lands and Tourism- the organizers of the side event said the integration of land planning and infrastructure especially with transport system, was the way to go if optimum results were to be achieved in urban centres.


UN-Habitat and partners in urban regeneration in Mexico City

Mexico City, 25 August 2016—Studies have showed that complex urban dynamics that respond to high land prices and lack of affordable housing in the center of the cities are forcing residents of large metropolis to relocate sometimes even 2 hours away from their jobs.


Asian urban experts root for citywide public space strategies

Kuala Lumpur 17 August 2016-- UN-Habitat conducted its’ first international workshop on public spaces titled “Creating safe, inclusive and accessible public spaces for all” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia early thismonth.

Jointly organized by Citynet and Kuala Lumpur Regional Training Center (KLRTC), the workshop attracted a wide range or participants including policy makers, technical experts and city managers from 8 different countries in Asia – Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines, and Sri Lanka.