The challenge

Improving municipal finance is a first step to achieve sustainable development. Over the past few decades, countries have increasingly decentralized their political systems and devolved responsibilities for public service provision to subnational governments. Increased mandates of subnational governments are however, not always matched by adequate increases in financial resources from the central government to lower levels of governments. 


Since 2013, a total of
local authorities have been provided with technical assistance for improving their revenue generating capacity.
Municipal authorities have developed strategies for improving their revenue generation and management capacity.

“It is visible today that we have physical improvements in services. For instance, there used to be a pile of garbage in the midlle of the streets, thus, forcing us to use our hands to move it. That has really improved. We have vehicles owned by the local government which are only used for garbage collection, and that has helped a lot.”

Muktar Osman, a tax payer.