2022 Catalogue of Services
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2022 Catalogue of Services

UN-Habitat’s Catalogue of Services provides the current range of ways in which the organization can support national and local governments, partners and stakeholders. 

The services, expertise and tools offered in the 2022 Catalogue of Services represent established pathways to sustainable urbanization, envisioned as a transformative force to reduce poverty, social exclusion, spatial inequality, environmental vulnerabilities, and multidimensional crises. Each service has been designed to tackle specific urban challenges, in alignment with the development principles set by the Sustainable Development Goals, the New Urban Agenda, and UN-Habitat’s Strategic Plan for 2020-2023. 

The Catalogue includes services for each of the following fields:

 A. Urban data, profiling and monitoring

 B. Participatory processes

 C. Policy, legislation, and governance

 D. Planning and design

 E. Land, housing and shelter

 F. Basic services and infrastructure        

G. Economy and finance             

H. Climate change and cities

I. Capacity building

J. Monitoring and Reporting for SDG Localization

K. Innovation

Flagship 1: Inclusive, Vibrant Neighbourhoods and Communities

Flagship 2: People-centered Smart Cities

Flagship 3: RISE-UP: Resilient Settlements for the Urban Poor

Flagship 4: Enhancing the Positive Impact of Urban Migration

Flagship 5: SDG Cities