UN-Habitat is seeking to identify and enter into Agreement of Cooperation (AoC) with one or more non-profit, nongovernmental organisations, and academic institutions with relevant experience, technical abilities and resources to complete land settlement and mapping of rights in selected target areas in the Hebron governorate. The implementing partners are encouraged to enter into partnerships with organization from the private sector that have the relevant experience. The main area of the AoC is to undertake land surveying as part of the land settlement process. The process should include a participatory and comprehensive survey methodology, and safeguarding land rights which include the right to own and use land and real estate. The work includes surveying ownership of land in areas A, B, and C of the West Bank and includes surveying the use of land, especially those related to grazing rights of livestock keepers. All land settlement work should be conducted according to Law No. 40 of 1952 accredited by the LWSC in Palestine and under the supervision of the LWSC and its representatives in the field.