Habitat UNI


Habitat UNI is UN-Habitat’s main mechanism for partnerships with academia and researchers. The partnerships are open, and invites all levels of academia to engage.

UNI (previously HPUI – Habitat Partner University Initiative) was introduced as a means of promoting cooperation between UN-Habitat and institutions of higher education, as well as facilitating exchange and cooperation among universities globally. UNI promotes universities becoming closer partners of cities, actively engaged in problem solving, thus closing the gap between academia and practice and encouraging collaborative learning.

The collaborations aspire to create the next generation of urban leaders, managers, researchers and practitioners. UN-Habitat acts as a catalyst, facilitating partnerships between between universities and other agenda partners.

See the UNI Charter for further information on the operation and focus of UNI.

Below you will find more information on how to become a member, as well as information on current activities and collaborations of UNI.

How to become a UNI partner
Global Urban Lectures
Thematic Hubs
Informal Urbanism Hub
Urban Governance Hub

Climate Change Hub
Food Security Hub

Urban Futures Hub

Gender Hub


For more information on Habitat UNI, contact the UNI office: UNI@unhabitat.org

UNI picVisit the NEW portal for the 160+ university partners of UNI – see shared materials, upload your own material, and access resources. Untitled-1-01See the new Global Urban Lectures – a free online resource of 15 min video lectures focusing on sustainable urbanization.

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