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Governance is the enabling environment that requires adequate legal frameworks, efficient political, managerial and administrative processes to enable the local government response to the needs of citizens.It can be defined as the many ways that institutions and individuals organize the day-to-day management of a city, and the processes used for effectively realizing the short term and long-term agenda of a city’s development. Urban governance is the software that enables the urban hardware to function. Effective urban governance is characterized as democratic and inclusive; long-term and integrated; multi-scale and multilevel; territorial; proficient and conscious of the digital age.

Local governments are instrumental in urban governance

Institutionally and financially sustainable local governments

Transparent and accountable local governments

Local governments in global agendas

To read more about Governance – Issue paper Urban Governance and Policy paper Urban Governance, Capacity and Institutional Development of Habitat III process.

 Learn about UN-Habitat’s National Urban Policies Initiative


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