Country: Overview

Population (2018)

Country: Overview

Total value of projects
US$ 1,000,000

Country: Overview

No. of projects (2018 - 2019)
Total: 4


Country: Impact and Urban Numbers


Support the development of National Urbanization policy and Smart city Rwanda masterplan

Support in the design of a city-wide unplanned and underserviced settlements upgrading strategies for the city of Kigali

Support youth empowerment through entrepreneurship program, vocational program, ICT program, Health Program where the total of 324,276 youth were engaged.

Urban numbers

Country: Impact and Urban Numbers

Urban numbers

Urban Population (2018): 17.2%

Urban Growth Rate (2015-2020): 2.86%

61.3 percent of the urban population in Rwanda live in informal settlements

Gap between demand and offer in terms of affordable housing is still huge

Poverty is still a big challenge

Country Beneficiaries

Donors and partners

In order to create activities and projects that are meaningful and have a full impact in the country, it is notable the role of successful partnerships, especially with national government and local authorities. Un-Habitat Rwanda works with several local and international partners, which provide the inclusion of the New Urban Agenda principles in the development of the country. In addition, through the inclusion of the civil society and communities in the processes, it is possible to guarantee the support to social inclusion and the eradication of poverty in cities.


Smart Africa Secretariat


Catherine Kalisa
Country program manager a.i
Un-Habitat Rwanda

Projets d’ONU-Habitat au Rwanda Formations et Activités de Renforcements des Capacités via l’Implémentation des Fonds d’Affection Spéciale pour l’Eau et l’Assainissement, sous le Programme d’Approvisionnement en Eau et Assainissement du Lac Victoria Phase II (Projet Régional en Afrique de l’Est)

  • Durée : décembre 2011- décembre 2016
  • Valeur : 4 244 445 US$
  • Donateur : Banque Africaine de Développement
  • Partenaires d’exécution : Communauté d’Afrique de l’Est (CAE); Banque Africaine de Développement (BAfD) ; Gouvernement du Burundi ; Gouvernement de Tanzanie ; Gouvernement du Rwanda ; Gouvernement du Kenya ; Gouvernement d’Uganda