Downtown Mexico City skyline, with brightly lit suburban barrios in the background. © Shutterstock

  • Total value of UN-Habitat investments (2008-2013): US$ 1,735,568
  • Total number of UN-Habitat projects (2008-2013): 4 projects
  • Main donors: Government of Mexico,municipalities such as Zapopan & Guadalajara, Government of Spain
  • Implementing partners: ECLAC, the metropolitan zone of Guadalajara, the municipality of Zapopan, the Miguel Hidalgo “Delegacion”

In Mexico, UN-Habitat promotes sustainable urbanization in a country with 72% of its population living in urban areas, living in 383 cities with more than 15,000 inhabitants. The National Office in Mexico through continuous advocacy achieved to sensitize national policy makers and to include in the National Development Plan 2013-2018 (Plan Nacional de Desarrollo 2013-2018), which is the strategic tool of national policies guideline, prosperity as a main development principle.

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