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UN-Habitat Handbook Preliminaries

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Table 1: Major International Conferences on Aid Effectiveness and Managing for Development Results

Table 2: Sample Questions for environmental scan

Table 3: Template for a SWOT matrix

Table 4: Some example of indicators

Table 5: Example of a Results Framework – UN-Habitat Results Framework 2014 - 2019

Table 6: Example of a Results Framework - Urban Legislation, Land and Governance

Table 7: Example of logframe as presented in the biennial strategic framework Subprogramme 1: Urban Land, Legislation and Governance

Table 8: Channels for submitting the strategic framework to the PPBD

Table 9: Example of a Horizontal Project Results Chain

Table 10: Concrete example of a Logic Model

Table 11: Performance Measurement Framework Template

Table 12: Four-point rating scale

Table 13: Risk Register or Matrix (risk management measures include prevention, reduction, acceptance contingency, outsourcing risk and risk ownership)

Table 14: Key Aspects of Programme Monitoring

Table 15: Tools for programme performance monitoring, data collection and analysis

Table 16: Principles of good results-based reporting

Table 17: Step by step process in preparing the Annual Progress Report

Table 18: UN Secretariat required Work Programme monitoring and reporting cycle actions

Table 19: Responsible persons for different actions in the monitoring and reporting process

Table 20: Template for collecting evidence for programme performance monitoring and reporting progress on indicators and results achieved (Example for subprogramme 3.)

Table 21: Information for tracking and verifying output delivery in IMDIS and programme performance evidence database

Table 22: UN-Habitat PAAS Based Project Implementation Monitoring & Reporting

Table 23: Summarizes the key actors, their roles and responsibilities in the evaluation process

Table 24: Steps in evaluability Assessment

Table 25: Checklist for consideration at the early planning stage of the evaluation

Table 26: Checklist for preparation of ToRs

Table 26: Checklist for preparation of ToRs

Table 27: Checklist for selection of evaluation consultants

Table 28: Elements of the evaluation work plan

Table 29: Summary of common data collection methods used in UN-Habitat evaluations

Table 29: Summary of common data collection methods used in UN-Habitat evaluations

Table 30: Contents of the evaluation report

Table 31: Checklist for evaluation report

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