The challenge

Urbanization trends today need an integrated and coordinated approach through clear policy direction to harness urbanization and mitigate its negative impacts. Governments need to formulate and implement policies to ensure that the benefits of urban growth are shared equitably and sustainably.


Over 10
countries apply the International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning in their urban and territorial planning.
Over 50
countries are supported by UN-Habitat in developing their National Urban Policies.
National Urban Policies will have strengthened urban-rural linkages in at least
countries by 2023.

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Donors and partners

Collaboration with partners including national and sub-national governments and other partners is vital to UN-Habitat’s policy interventions in various countries. Jointly organised events, including Policy Dialogues, roundtable discussions and side, networking or training-events strengthen these partnerships and promote advocacy in the participating countries.

Korea Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport
Cameroon Urban and Rural Land Development and Servicing Mission (MAETUR)
Government of Niger State, Nigeria, Government of Zanzibar
Korea Land & Housing Corporation

Our Experts

Remy Sietchiping
Chief , Policy, Legislation and Governance Section
Urban Practices Branch, Global Solutions Division

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