Urbanization has been widely acknowledged for its transformative powers. However, in Africa, the rapid urbanization is widening the gap between rural, peri-urban and urban areas. Although urban and rural areas are interdependent, rural areas often lag behind; globally 85 per cent of the poor reportedly still live in rural areas. The project “Leaving No Place behind: Strengthening Urban-Rural Linkages in Africa” aims to support four African countries in strengthening their urban-rural linkages and overcome the urban-rural divide by enhancing capacities of policy makers and change agents at all levels to collect and use evidence for fostering cross-sectoral, multi-level frameworks, strategies, and action plans for integrated and inclusive territorial development.

Policy makers in
3 out of 4
countries trained on integrated territorial development
Policy makers from
3 of the 4
countries have reviewed strategies, plans and policies for integrated territorial development
Policy makers from
3 of the 4
countries have developed strategies, plans and policies incorporating integrated territorial development

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Leaving no one and no place behind

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This project incorporates the vulnerable population in setting strategies and policies and referring to the guiding principle of urban-rural linkages that emphasizes human-rights based approaches.

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The analysis, formulation, implementation, and evaluation of project activities include gender considerations. The fair and balanced participation of women representatives is ensured within the capacity development activities, discussion forums among others.


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This project includes consultations with community groups; the recruitment of the participants ensures that young and elderly are included and engaged during these sessions. Decisions made ensure the welfare of all including children is taken into considerations.

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The guiding principles of urban-rural linkages encompass inclusion of the vulnerable populations that include the disabled.

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Donors and partners

The governments will facilitate the implementation of the activities in the country. They are also the beneficiaries of the Policy recommendations for urban-rural linkages.

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