The Housing Rights Index. A policy Formulation Support Tool

The Housing Rights Index (HRI) is a decision-support tool developed specifically for the use of housing practitioners and policy makers who are involved in the Housing Practitioners Labs and tailor-made training developed and conducted by UN-Habitat. It is based on the right to adequate housing1 as enshrined in international human rights instruments2 and included in the Habitat Agenda (1996)3 and the New Urban Agenda (2016)4. It is understood as the right of every individual and community to gain and sustain a safe and secure home in which to live in peace and dignity.

The Housing Barometer. A tool to support a rapid housing sector review.

The Housing Barometer is a tool to support a rapid analysis of the housing sector. It provides a quick overview of the housing sector that feeds directly into the housing policy formulation process. The Housing Barometer relies on qualitative assessments rather than data and empirical evidences. It expresses the perceptions of policy makers, decision makers and housing practitioners about the performance of the various subsectors of the housing sector.

Designing and Implementing Street-Led Citywide Slum Upgrading Programmes: A training module companion

With the number of slum dwellers expected to reach 889 million by 2020 it has been recognized that there is a need to move away from piecemeal project-based slum upgrading interventions.  Instead, it is necessary to bring slum upgrading to a citywide scale and implement a twin-track approach that promotes both the  upgrading of existing slums and simultaneously uses policy to prevent the multiplication of slums and urban informality.