Integrating health in urban and territorial planning: sourcebook for urban leaders, health and planning professionals - cover
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UN-Habitat | WHO

Integrating health in urban and territorial planning: A sourcebook for urban leaders, health and planning professionals

This sourcebook aims to detail why health needs to be part of UTP and how to make this happen. It brings together two vital elements we need to build habitable cities on a habitable planet: Processes to guide the development of human settlements – in this document referred to as “urban and territorial planning (UTP)”; and Concern for human health, well-being and health equity at all levels – from local to global, and from human to planetary health.

This sourcebook identifies a comprehensive selection of existing resources and tools to support the incorporation of health into UTP, including advocacy frameworks, entry points and guidance, as well as tools and illustrative case studies. It does not provide prescriptions for specific scenarios – these should be determined by context, people and available resources.

These resources and tools can be used by everyone involved in the planning process. Whether you are an urban planner, mayor, developer, architect, landscape architect, engineer, researcher or public health professional, doctor, nurse, community health worker or local community activist, this document aims to inform and inspire you, while also providing practical information on how to take action.

Working together, planning and public health professionals can ensure that health promotion, disease prevention and better health equity through good UTP is a central component of the communicable and non-communicable disease reduction and management responses.

This sourcebook provides the processes needed to harmonize UTP with concern for human health and brings together these two vital professions. It also highlights additional tools, literature resources for decision-makers, urban leaders, planners and health professionals.