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COVID-19 Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC): 

Join the Urban Thinkers e-sessions and e-roundtables to exchange on current actions on the ground in different contexts, analyze good practices and solutions, extract lessons from the crisis and make recommendations for building resilience in cities and communities.

Next UTCs: 

UTC#9: Urban Legislation and Climate change post COVID-19 

UTC#10: Megacities' Post-COVID Planning 

UTC#11: Reclaiming commons through rights to the City 

UTC#12: Financing Recovery for resilient and sustainable cities

UTC#13: Rethinking public Spaces 

UTC#14: Architects' response in reshaping our cities that are resilient to pandemic situations
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Reports on previous COVID-19 Urban Thinkers Campuses (UTCs)

Overall Report on first series of COVID-19 UTCs

UTC#1: Facing Urban Vulnerability

UTC#2: The Basic Services Gap

UTC#3: The Shelter Gap

UTC#4: The Safety Gap

UTC#5: Community Leaders at the Frontline

UTC#6: Planning and Design for Urban Resilience

UTC#7: The Wage Gap and Social Security during Pandemics

UTC#8: Planning and Design for Pandemic Urban Resilience

UTC#9: Reporting during the pandemic

E-learning Platform for Participatory Slum Upgrading

The e-learning platform of myPSUP is open to all who are willing to learn more about slum upgrading.

COVID-19 Webinars and Reports