Mwanza, Tanzania 22 February 2017 – Residents of Mwanza Town of Tanzania will soon start benefitting from a water and sanitation project undertaken through the UN-Habitat championed Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation Programme (LVWATSAN).

Gerson H. Lwege, Minister of Water and Iirrigation (MoWI) recently officiated at the signing ceremony of two between Mwanza Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MWAUWASA) and the two contractors working on the project.

This project is being funded by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Agence Française de Développement (AFD) in partnership with the Government of Tanzania and UN-Habitat. The main aim of the project is to reduce the level of pollution flowing into Lake Victoria through improved water supply and sanitation infrastructure in the urban centres around the Lake. The first phase of the project is covering Mwanza city and three satellite towns of Magu, Lamadi and Misungwi including three pilot sections in informal settlements neighborhoods of Kilimahewa, Kwimba and Unguja.

During his speech the Minister of Water and Irrigation thanked expressed sincere gratitude the to EIB and AFD for the financial partnership by way of their a loan grant to the Government of Tanzania which is now making it possible for the implementation of this project. In his own words the Minister stated: “I urge both contractors M / s. JOS.HANSEN & SOEHNE GmbH in JV with M / s. JR INTERNATIONAL BAU GmbH and China Civil Engineering Construction Cooperation to focus on delivering quality and adhere to the timelines of the project implementation. All works must be completed in time so that the second phase can start on time.”

It is estimated that the Water and Sanitation project will cost TZS 245 billion, which is equivalent to USD 109 million. This covers Mwanza city and three satellite towns of Magu, Lamadi and Misungwi. The construction for Mwanza town will be completed in August 2018 targeting to benefit 105,649 residents. The construction in the satellite towns of Magu, Lamadi Misungwi will be completed in March 2019 with 92,205 residents benefiting from the initiative.

The project funder EIB-AFD emphasized on the need to observe quality as well as timely delivery in terms of resources. “We will disburse funds in a timely manner to ensure smooth implementation of this project” said Mr. Emmanuel Baudran a representative from EIB-AFD.

Mr. Deusdedit Kiswaga, District Commissioner of Magu said “as the Magu residents we are grateful to funders and implementers of this project. We are confident that with the completion of this project, the women of Magu will have some relief in the search for water and sanitation facilities”. The project beneficiaries from Magu also expressed their gratitude to the government promised to provide security to the infrastructure that will be put up to avoid cases of vandalism.

UN-Habitat has been tasked to implement the Sanitation Component of this programme in Mwanza city while promoting community engagement in water and sanitation in the satellite towns. UN-Habitat is also focusing on providing technical assistance, capacity enhancement and day-to-day guidance to all stakeholders towards the successful implementation of the project.

The event brought together EIB-AFD representatives, Government officials from the ministry of water and irrigation as well as ministry of housing, Members of parliament, UN-Habitat representatives, Mwanza Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MWAUWASA) representatives, District commissioners of Nyamagana, Ilemela, Busega and Magu, Managing Directors of Ilemela Municipal, Nyamagana Municipal, Misungwi District, and Utilities of Magu, Misungwi and Lamadi, Mayor for Ilemela and the Nyasaka Community.

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The Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation (LVWATSAN-Mwanza) Project: Mobilization and Institutional Facilitation of Sanitation (UN-Habitat)