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Have a look at online training and webinars we have organized so far! From municipal solid waste responses and strategies during health crises, such as COVID-19, to technologies and innovative solutions for enhancing resource recovery!

Stay up to date on municipal solid waste and support your city in becoming Waste Wise!

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 waste management

Webinar Series: How to Continue Waste Management Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic (2020)

The first webinar of the series How to continue waste management services during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is jointly organized by UN-Habitat and the Wuppertal Institute for Environment, Climate, Energy under the Urban Pathways project, started with outlining the challenges and opportunities of the COVID-19 crisis for waste management.

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Other downloads:

How does COVID-19 affect MSWM?​ (PDF)

Organic Waste

Webinar Series: Organic Waste Treatment in Cities of the Global South: Solutions and Case Studies (2020)

The webinar starts with an overview of the different solutions, followed by the case studies of different cities of the respective region. We discuss different solutions for organic waste treatment – from municipal composting plants to decentralized systems at neighbourhood level.

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Other downloads:

Our Solution for Safe Waste Management in Booming Cities | Kibuya Market Waste Management | Organic Waste Management - Kochi | Strengthening of Waste Management Through Promotion of 3Rs (PDF)

Waste Technology

Webinar Series: Waste Technology Deep Dives (2020/2021)

The webinars are part of a series of Deep Dives into selected waste management technologies, organized by UN-Habitat’s Waste Wise Cities initiative, African Clean Cities Platform and the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy, under the Urban Pathways Project.

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Other downloads:

Treatment of Organic Waste – Black Soldier Fly Larvae Composting (PDF)


Webinar: Lithium-ion EV battery: e-waste, electric mobility and energy nexus (2020)

During the webinar four factsheets on lithium-ion batteries identifying synergies between e-waste, electric mobility, and energy will be presented. The factsheets cover the four segments of the end-of-life management of electric vehicle batteries: initial battery design, re-purposing in energy storage systems, refurbishing, and recycling. 

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Webinar Series: Waste Wise Education Webinar (2021/2022)

UN-Habitat’s Waste Wise Cities, together with ISWA YPG Education working group and affiliates, have organized several Waste Wise Education Webinars focusing on Africa, Latin America, and South Asia, and invited many practitioners to present innovative and effective best practices in waste management education.

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Waste Wise Education Webinar in South-Asia

Residuos Sólidos – Experiencias Innovadoras en Latinoamérica

Waste Wise Education: Exploring Effective Approaches & Best Practices


Other downloads:

Waste Wise Education Factsheets (PDF)

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Contact : Andre Dzikus . Chief, Urban Basic Services Section United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) .