Vietnamese city Quy Nhon holds a training workshop on development strategy_1Quy Nhon 26 August 2015—For three days beginning Wednesday, a training workshop will he held in the Vietnamese city of Quy Nhon to discuss its development. Organised by Quy Nhon People’s Committee in conjunction with UN-Habitat, the “City Development Strategy Methodology” workshop aims to share experiences, skills for local taskforce and stakeholders, to prepare the Community-based City Development Strategy (CDS).

It is also expected to gather the necessary information to prepare the detailed CDS, including work plan for thematic groups and a plan to create linkage between stakeholders. The workshop also provides opportunity for local leaders, international partners, and stakeholders to cooperate for CDS implementation.

During the workshop, international experts will present the methodology on community-based city development strategy, and also analyse some successful practices in several cities in the world and Vietnam. Cities in the developing countries are facing challenges from rapid urbanization, population growth, while infrastructure and service cannot meet the demand. This widens the gap between the rich and poor, as well as the depletion of natural resources.

Vietnamese city Quy Nhon holds a training workshop on development strategyA strategic and appropriate approach

Moreover, the impact of climate change makes these issues more serious. Cities, without smart development strategy for effectively using resources which are finite, will have to face uncertain future. The premise of City Development Strategy (CDS) is the strategic and appropriate intervention in term of spatial and time from civil society.

This approach is being completed in City Development Strategy, and has been applied in over 150 cities, regions in the world. Mr. Nguyen Quang, Vietnam Programme Manager for UN-Habitat said that “The guidelines and strategic interventions can change and improve people living, and city development. In the context of rapidly and strongly urbanization, the urban area must be “the leader” for economic development”.

“City Development Strategies will vary for each city, based on their socio-economic conditions, scale, challenges , development goals, and priorities. However, there are common things between successful CDSs, they have a properly, realistic and feasible vision, and one more thing, but very important, the participation from all stakeholders, especially from community. Therefore, cities can achieve development goals, sustainable development, social inclusive and environmental protection”, Mr. Quang said.