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  • Total value of UN-Habitat investments in Vietnam (2008-2015): US$2,850,968
  • Total number of UN-Habitat projects in Vietnam (2008-2015): 10 projects
  • Donors: The main donors to UN-Habitat projects in Vietnam have been the One UN Plan Fund II, UNDP Multi Donor Trust Fund Office, and Coca Cola (Atlanta).
  • Implementing partners: UN-Habitat has been working in Vietnam mainly in partnership with the local government ministries and agencies.

UN-Habitat has been working with the government of Vietnam since 1990 and established its country office in 2007. UN-Habitat’s projects in Vietnam so far have mainly been on urban planning and design, on research and capacity development, and on housing in different areas across the country.

UN-Habitat Vietnam

UN-Habitat works to support the government of Vietnam in addressing urban and adequate shelter challenges. UN-Habitat programmes and projects in Vietnam focus on the key determinants for sustainable urbanization and inclusive urban development. The main programme areas of UN-Habitat Vietnam include the following:

  1. Land and Housing;
  2. Participatory Urban Governance & Planning;
  3. Environmentally Sound Urban Infrastructure and Services;
  4. Advocacy, Monitoring and Partnerships, and
  5. Building Urban Resilience to Climate Change.

On the institutional component, the medium-term plan aims to fulfill UN-Habitat’s contribution to UN reform. A key component is management excellence focusing on enhanced accountability, transparency, results-based monitoring and reporting, advocacy and partnership. 

One UN Programme

The One UN initiative in Vietnam is a United Nations (UN) response to the requirement of the Vietnamese government for a more effective working manner. Starting at the beginning of 2006, the One UN initiative aims to resolve overlapping agency responsibilities and strengthen the cooperation of UN agencies. UN-Habitat will continue monitoring and providing technical support on emerging urbanisation issues with a rights-based approach, sensitive to local cultures, the poor, and women and children as part of the One UN initiative.

The support provided by the United Nations is set out in the One Plan which is the planning framework for every UN agency operating in Vietnam. At present, UN-Habitat in Vietnam is working towards the goals included in the One Plan III 2012-2016 which includes the following focus areas:

  • Focus Area 1: Inclusive, equitable, and sustainable growth, to align with economic development, resource management, and the environment and sustainable development targets set in the Social Economic Development Plan (SEDP).
  • Focus Area 2: Access to high-quality basic services and social welfare to align with the social, development, education, science and technology targets of the SEDP.
  • Focus Area 3: Governance and participation to align with the management efficiency, transparency, and anti-corruption targets set in the SEDP.


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