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UN-Habitat Support to Sustainable Urban Development in Kenya - Volume 2

Report on Capacity Building for County Governments under the Kenya Municipal Programme. 

This is the second report in a series titled ‘UN-Habitat Support to Sustainable Urban Development in Kenya’. The focus of this report is on capacity development activities conducted for the Kenya Municipal Programme, Cluster I and II urban centres, namely: Mombasa, Kitui and Malindi. The report captures the outcomes of a One-Day Learning Session and a Two-Day Rapid Planning Studio conducted for county technical officers and two One-Day Learning Sessions for Members of County Assemblies.

The content of the report is structured into five sections: Part 1 describes the Background to the Kenya Municipal Programme, and UN-Habitat’s Support to the Programme; Part 2 provides the urbanisation context of Mombasa, Kitui and Malindi; Part 3 examines the implementation of urban development plans and the challenges it faces; Part 4 is a report on the outcomes of the One-Day Learning Sessions; and Part 5 discusses the outcomes of the Two-Day Rapid Planning Studio.