Improving Gender Equality and Grassroots Participation through Good Land Governance , A training package

This training package provides an introduction to the important, complex, and sometimes daunting theme of improving land governance as a means to enhance gender equality and grassroots participation in land matters. This training package is designed for professionals, working in the field of land, governance, grassroots participation and gender in public institutions or civil society organizations.

Young People , Participation and Sustainable Development in an Urbanizing World

Although the proportion of young people in cities is growing rapidly, few studies take into account the diversity of and views on their urban experiences. This is an examination of the lives, capacities, and agencies of urban youth in the developing world and an identification of significant gaps for research.

In particular, this book provides a highlight of the political economy of youth-focused development in an increasingly urbanizing world. Political-economic processes that shape and are shaped by young people's urban lives get particular attention.

Fostering resilience through community based innovation - Mary Rowe, Municipal Art Society of New York

Based on her work experience in post-Katrina New Orleans and post-Sandy New York City, the Municipal Art Society of New York's Director of Urban Resilience and Livability, Mary Rowe, discusses the role of self-organization and granular innovation in urban resilience-building.  Highlighting examples from New Orleans, New York City, and cities around the globe, Ms. Rowe focuses on the need for a collaborative process to build resilience that takes advantage of the systems and features already in place in the urban ecosystem.

Participation in practice - Nabeel Hamdi, Oxford Brookes University

This lecture outlines the impact of participation on practice, in particular how it can expand the scope and nature of practice in order to add strategic value to practical work. Nabeel Hamdi introduces the issues of equity and efficiency and their convergence in participatory work, and articulates the value of participation in building community and in human development.

Advancing Youth Civic Engagement and Human Rights

Urban youth face challenges that need to urgently be addressed. The global youth unemployment rate, which is estimated at 12.6 per cent in 2013, is creating an environment in which young people are unable to satisfy their basic needs. As demonstrated by the  mass protests in many cities globally, young people believe that their voices are not being heard and their needs are not being addressed.