Community Self Help Reconstruction - Arabic

Published in 2008, UN-Habitat developed a reader-friendly booklet with the aim of promoting community-led housing reconstruction. The booklet provides basic technical and financial instructions that would allow affected families, after Lebanon 2006 war, to plan, in an adequate manner and to finish the reconstruction of their houses.

The booklet is designed in an interactive manner with illustrations and drawings that are easily understood by community members.


UN-Habitat supports creation of a safe space for refugee women and youth in Lebanon

Lebanon, 23 January 2019 – Findings of the Tabbaneh Neighbourhood Profile indicate that Tripoli was one of the regions in Lebanon most affected by the Middle East refugee crisis. The findings also reveal the dire need for a hub that acts as a socio-cultural space for youth and women. The Abjad Centre situated in Bab Al Tabbaneh in the middle of Tripoli provides a safe space for vulnerable women, youth, and children.


Housing, Land and Property Issues of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon from Homs City – November 2018

The “Housing, Land and Property Issues of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon from Homs City” project was launched in 2017 in partnership with UNHCR and with the support of the Ford Foundation. The aim of the study is to analyze the housing arrangements that refugees coming from Homs city have secured, seven years into the crisis, in addition to their living conditions, the implications of their legal status on their presence in Lebanon, and the role/influence of social networks - characteristic of this community coming from the city of Homs - on their access to shelter and trajectories.

Tyre City Profile 2017

Tyre, often referred to by its Arabic name of Sour, is a harbour city well recognized for its mercantile activity throughout the Mediterranean since ancient Phoenician times. Located in Lebanon’s South Governorate 83km south of the capital Beirut and 26km north of the country’s southern border, Tyre is considered Lebanon’s fourth largest coastal city, and is characterised by its wealth of sites of archaelogical and natural significance.


UN-Habitat hosts ‘Urban Crisis Response’ conference in Lebanon

Beirut, 2 November 2016—UN-Habitat hosted a conference on “Urban Crisis Response” to examine and discuss the plethora of challenges facing Lebanon’s urban population. Under the patronage of the Ministry of Social Affairs, and on the occasion of the World Cities Day 2016, the Conference focused on building a platform for exchange between various stakeholders engaged in urban response.