Financing for Resilient and Green Urban Solutions in Beira, Mozambique

This publication of Financing for Resilient and Green Urban Solutions in Beira, Mozambique in examines the status of housing and urban infrastructure and how much investment is needed. The assessment particularly considered the status of housing finance instruments and costs, as well as the roles of local and national governments in facilitating investments.

“Extending access to housing finance across Africa” - Kecia Rust

Kecia Rust from the Centre for Affordable Housing in South Africa in this lecture discusses the current state of housing finance in Africa.

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“Extending access to housing finance across Africa” - Kecia Rust 

Mass housing requires mass housing finance - Marja Hoek Smit, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

In this lecture Marja Hoek Smit argues that housing finance is critical to solve the housing problem, increasing, as it does, the number of households that can afford to acquire a house in the formal market, which in turn will make large scale development of middle and lower middle income housing possible.

Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Housing Finance

The report arises out of special session on the global financial crisis organised by UN-HABITAT in 2008. The report discusses the current housing finance crisis and its impacts on the housing sector, affordable housing and the global economy.

It examines the underlying factors and evolution of the global financial crisis and its preceding sub-prime crisis and its spreading, and the major players in the crisis, particularly the role of government, government-sponsored enterprises and specialised housing finance institutions and innovative funding instruments.

Viet Nam Housing Sector Profile

The report provides us with an in-depth analysis of the various dimensions of housing and highlights some constraints that require the attention of public policy.

The Housing Profile report of Viet Nam will certainly contribute to the effort of the government of Viet Nam to review and advance the urban agenda in the context of the sustainable urbanisation paradigm and to provide wider accessibility to adequate housing, as outlined in the Habitat Agenda (1996).

Profil du Secteur du Logement Urban au Senegal (Senegal Urban Housing Sector Profile)

Le profil du secteur du logement au Sénégal est une analyse complète du secteur du logement urbain, avec un regard concentre sur l'identification de ses points forts et faiblesses. Le profil contribue à la création d'un cadre devant permettre la provision d'un logement convenable pour tous. Il apporte une compréhension globale du fonctionnement du secteur du logement urbain, référence pouvant faire autorité pour l'ensemble des acteurs du secteur.

A Practical Guide for Conducting Housing Profiles - Revised Version

A practical guide to conducting comprehensive national housing profiles with a direct objective of understanding the housing sector, while offering evidence-based data to inform policy reform. The housing profile process also aims to be highly participatory and engage multi-stakeholder groups that influence and are influenced by the housing sector.

This is a guide that has global relevance to a world that is rapidly urbanizing and where populations growth continues to create unprecedented housing demand, particularly in developing countries.