Enhancing the competitiveness of cities discussion paper 3

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the factors that underpin city competitiveness. It draws on recent studies pending publication which indicate that many cities in Asia and Latin America could become more regionally integrated and globally competitive through certain actions and reforms. This paper offers broad strategies for enhancing the competitiveness of cities in these regions and an agenda for the international community to support their efforts.

Urban Economy and Finance Branch: Financing Mechanism for Slum Upgrading at Scale in Nairobi

Improving Slum Upgrading in Mukuru, the Largest Slum in Kenya “Bridging the Affordability Gap: Towards a Financing Mechanism for Slum Upgrading at Scale in Nairobi” UN-Habitat, IIED/University of Manchester, Slum Dwellers International (October 2019) In 2017, the County Government of Nairobi declared Mukuru, one of the largest slums in Kenya, to be a Special Planning Area (SPA), paving the way for the preparation of an integrated Spatial Development Plan (SPA) for this large informal settlement in collaboration with its residents and partner organizations.

House Prices, Changing the City World

Today’s world is undergoing fundamental changes. On one hand, globalization is reaching a new level despite some ups and downs, emerging economies represented by China are growing rapidly and the global landscape has experienced and will continue to see more changes to come. On the other, technology innovation is striving to come up with breakthroughs; it has changed and will continue to reshape the forms and landscape of global economy.

Discussion Paper – September 10, 2018: Municipal Finance in India

This discussion paper brings together the Indian experience on municipal finance to flag emerging issues for wider consideration among urban sector stakeholders across the countries in line with New Urban Agenda (HABITAT III) and its emphasis on sustainability, self-sufficiency and vertical /horizontal balance in the municipal finance.

Supporting Revenue Enhancement in Kiambu County, Kenya Discussion Paper #8

Increased demand for services and economic opportunities necessitates improvement of revenue generation. In this regard, Kiambu county government sought advisory and technical support from a range of stakeholders including UN-Habitat.  In 2014, a joint county-UN Habitat revenue assessment was conducted. Findings of the assessment set forth the direction for subsequent technical support and a program for short and long term interventions.

Urban Economy and Market Development in Homa Bay County, Kenya Discussion Paper #9

The county government of Homa Bay sought specialized support for revenue enhancement and local economic development from UN-Habitat. UN-Habitat took on a role of a technical advisor and conducted a rapid financial assessment of the county in collaboration with local government officials of Homa Bay.