People-Centered Smart Cities Playbooks​

This new series of playbooks is a key normative component of UN-Habitat’s People Centered Smart Cities flagship programme that aims to empower local governments to take a multi-stakeholder approach to digital transformation that realises sustainability, inclusivity, prosperity and human rights for the benefit of all.

Smart City Expo World Congress

The People-Centered Smart Cities programme:

  • Puts a people-centered, sustainable and inclusive local digital transition as a critical policy topic on the agenda of high-level political forums and mainstream people-centred digitalisation in global dialogues on smart cities and human rights.
  • Ensures that investment and financing are directed to people-centered smart cities to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs with a specific focus on developing countries, small and medium size cities and grassroots urban communities.
  • Enhances the capabilities of governments in all levels to adopt digital technologies for inclusion and sustainable urban development in the achievement of the SDGs. It helps governments adopt a human-centred, privacy-enhancing, and rights-preserving approach in the development of their digital strategies by developing new trainings, skills and policy frameworks.