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Name of academic: Professor Barbara Norman and Associate Professor Hitomi Nakanishi
Main course information: Accredited with the Planning Institute of Australia (highly regarded for practicing professionals), this course will give you the advanced skills you need to secure a leadership role, in fields ranging from elemental urban and regional planning through to program development and project implementation. By examining contemporary issues like social, economic and environmental factors, you’ll also author a significant piece of research that will demonstrate your literary and oral competency (great prep for future client presentations). With innovation in infrastructure development emerging as a national priority, it’s time for you to master the art of shaping our future communities.
Year of publication (last updated max 5 years ago): 2019
Topic: Adaptation, Climate Resilience, Disaster Risk Reduction
Region Examined: Asia Pacific
Language: English
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Geographical scale: Global
Level of Instruction: Post-graduate
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