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PartnersHabitat Agenda Partners (HAP) are a range of organizations outside central government in the pursuit of sustainable urbanization and human settlements development. In an effort to continue working and learning together, UN-Habitat has established a number of thematic networks composed of a cross section of HAPs to allow partners to contribute to the design and implementation of normative and operational programmes at all levels. The involvement of HAPs working in the field of sustainable urbanization and human settlements development is essential for the successful design and implementation of a new urban agenda, the post 2015 development agenda and Sustainable Development Goals. UN-Habitat strives to establish a set of strategic partnerships including political actors, civil society and professional organizations, and the private sector as advocates of sustainable urbanization at all levels, and as implementers and monitors of national urban policies and programmes. UN-Habitat also fosters UN system-wide inter-agency coordination as a critical component of the partnership strategy in the belief that UN agencies within their mandates have responsibilities to respond to issues affecting urban and rural dwellers, as a result of rapid urbanization. Following is a brief explanation on each category:

Local Authorities
NGOs and CBOs
Trade Unions
Academics and Researchers
Human Solidarity Groups
Indigenous People
Private Sector
Financial Institutions
  How to become a Habitat Agenda Partner
Information for all organizations interested in becoming a HAP
  Background on UN-Habitat’s cooperation with Habitat Agenda Partners
Habitat Agenda Partners: Key elements of implementation of the Habitat Agenda

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