The world’s cities produce every year about 11 billion tonnes of solid waste. Managing waste properly is essential for building sustainable and liveable cities, but it remains a challenge for many cities.

UN-Habitat is addressing this challenge through its Waste Wise Cities Campaign, a call for action to support cities worldwide to enhance their waste management and resource efficiency.

As part of the Campaign, UN-Habitat is launching the Waste Wise Cities Challenge to clean up and establish sustainable waste management in 20 cities around the world, by 2022. Cities (old and new members of Waste Wise Cities Campaign) can apply either as CHANGEMAKER CITY, taking up the challenge, or as SUPPORTER CITY, assisting a Changemaker City (civic and technical twinning). For those cities, which are not yet member of the Waste Wise Cities Campaign, kindly submit the Letter of Intent, together with the application.


Why should your city take part in the challenge?

The selected cities will be acting as role models for sustainable waste management and will be supported by UN-Habitat, its partners and the global community of waste management experts. By taking on the challenge, the cities will also have a chance to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, create employment, promote economic growth, decrease operational costs and improve public health.