Ines Sanchez de Madariaga on Mobility of Care
The Mobility of Care - Introducing gender-aware concepts in transportation planning to better understand the travel patterns of women and men and the travel implications on daily tasks performed by individuals with responsibilities for care.

This lecture uses gender as an analytical category to propose the concept of mobility of care and challenges certain widely prevalent concepts in the field of transport, among them the concept of compulsory mobility. Mobility of Care is a framework for identifying, measuring, highlighting, accounting for and placing value on all travel undertaken to perform tasks related to home care and reproduction. These daily tasks are performed mostly by women around the world. As participation of men in care activities increases gender-based approaches to transport planning become increasingly significant for both men and women. The objective is to build a more comprehensive knowledge base on mobility patterns, behavior and needs based upon which more equitable and gender responsive transport policies are developed to the benefit of both men and women.

This video is part of UN-Habitat’s Global Urban Lectures, a series of 15-minute lectures on themes related to sustainable urbanization delivered by renowned experts, UN-Habitat partners and UN-Habitat staff.

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