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    Urban Lectures


    The urban lectures are a free resource of video lectures, including synopsis, biographies and additional reading materials, open to use for academic, professional or personal purposes.

    Global Urban Lectures - Accessing the knowledge of UN-Habitat associated experts
    How to apply the series in your work or studies
    Overview of all seasons

    The Global Urban Lectures are produced by UNI – UN-Habitat’s partnership with universities worldwide. For feedback, questions and suggestions, contact, cc:

    Click the pictures below to see the full lecture packages, including video, mp3, synopsis, biography and additional reading materials.

    All videos are also available on the UN-Habitat 

    SEASON 3



    SEASON 2

    ClosWeruCohenAugustinusBuckleyHoek-SmitJefferies Ward

    SEASON 1

    AciolyAngelBirchCerveroDemboGoethertHalfaniHamdiHeringerHuysmanJonssonMorenoPerlmanPietersePriemusRoweSchurigSmolkaTuts Werthmann


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