Vision, Scenario Building, and Action Plan for the city of New Damietta
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Vision, Scenario Building, and Action Plan for the city of New Damietta

Egypt has welcomed several waves of refugees over the years. Enormous population growth patterns coupled with rapid urbanization and internal displacement has resulted in Egypt being one of the most urbanized countries in the world as 43% of the population lives in urban areas. This has posed various challenges and strains on the country’s infrastructure, economy, and the quality of services. The Urban Planning and Infrastructure in Migration Contexts (UPIMC) programme recognizes the need to support municipalities with long-term strategic approaches in connecting migration and displacement-affected neighbourhoods with access to public services through financeable infrastructure investments.

 This report builds on the developed Damietta Spatial Profile, in which New Damietta city was selected as the pilot city for the development of a strategic vision and scenarios, the outlining of an action plan for achieving this vision, and the identification of needed projects including infrastructure investments, which aim to improve the quality of life of refugees and host communities. 

 A strategic vision and scenarios were developed for the neighbourhood, through a participatory approach that engaged the local community and relevant stakeholders and based on the spatial analysis and evidence. The optimal scenario developed provides the rationale and evidence in identifying projects needed within the neighbourhood that are both financially viable, and aid in building inclusive, resilient neighbourhoods. Accordingly, this report provides a blueprint for achieving the formulated vision for New Damietta city by 2037, through the developed optimal scenario. The optimal scenario was translated into an action plan to provide an overarching framework that guides Damietta Governorate and the key stakeholders to ensure a proactive and manageable implementation of the needed changes at the city level.